Microsoft .NET, C#, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax
Perl, Visual Basic, Visual J++, Objective C, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2
Visual C++, IDL, ATL, COM, DCOM, MFC, PL/SQL, Ruby on Rails, TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSLT
Windows, IOS, Linux, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile
Adobe Flash, 3DS MAX, Maya, Photoshop, 2D, 3D Animation
Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality, Facebook/Twitter Integration

Brochure Design

Often brochure design is considered as a vital part of a marketing strategy and in many a ways a concise advertisement of your business which can speed up the profusion process of any organization by increasing the chances of sales. The main motive of any brochure design is labeling or branding. Brochures are designed based upon its objective, target audience etc. Capturing the attention of potential customers can be done through an alluring or enticing yet informative brochure.

Expertise in APP Development

From intuitive app experiences to intelligent engineering, we understand  design integration, engineering language and solutions. Questsphere combines over 60 years of experience, creativity and sound engineering to build extraordinary apps. Our client list includes Sony, Sports Illustrated, Home Depot, Behr Tools, Strat -o- Matic Board Games, TIC TAC Mints, Sprinkle Cupcakes and Honda. We also have over 50 mobile apps currently in the APP store available for your review.

Questsphere Methodology

1.   Specificity : We turn your creative vision / concept into a detailed and accessible vision of focused scope. We collaborate with each client to clearly define project milestones, priorities, deliverables, timelines and specific responsibilities.

2.   Focused Design: We believe there is beauty in details.  Each project is a creative adventure that pushes the envelope to create exciting, functionally exceptional and intuitive user experiences. We achieve your brand requirements by providing comprehensive wire frames and creative ahead of each release.

3.   App Development Efficiencies: Throughout each project we utilize our vast applications experience to ensure timely delivery.

4.   Enterprise Integration:  We understand collaboration with internal teams and scalable solutions. Our extensive integration experience spans content management, e-commerce and web services – and allows us to ensure a enjoyable and seamless consumer experience.

Augmented Reality – AR-TV

Experience our Custom Augmented Reality Mobile App using AR-TV technology. We create incredible experiences that engage, entertain customers with various designs including exciting seamless print-meets-mobile experience. Augment anything from images, t-shirts, print & catalogs to live events and product packaging with features like 3-D animation, e-commerce integration and AR-TV. We specialize in AR-TV experiences for retailers, advertising, exhibits and live events….(Click Here for More) to another page. The page will have the content below featured on it

Products that Can Be Augmented!

Catalogs, Circulars, Posters, Signage, Collectables, Storefronts, Retail displays, Business cards, Table toppers, Toys, Books, Exhibits, Landmarks, T-Shirt, Billboards and Product packaging

APP Marketing & Distribution – Man vs. Mobile Show
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