College Basketball Finals 2011

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Plus Minus Yada Yada Instant Sports Alert App
College Basketball Finals EditionThis app delivers automatic push notifications of Live Scores and Odds in English or in Spanish, whenever and wherever you want. You do not have to do a thing, this app does it all for you.• Pick your own teams from the brackets
• Follow as many teams as you want
• Change teams as often as you like
• Receive push notifications where and when your teams are playing
• Alerts for when the games are starting
• Updated game scores push to your phone every five minutes
• Current game scores available by pressing the update button
• Updated consensus odds available at the start of the game and at half time from Don Best Sports
• Over/unders and point spreads are also available at the start of the game and at half time.
• is a sports information site and app only, not a sports wagering site or app.
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